Life is like a beautiful melody...

...Only the lyrics are messed up

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friends. locked.
hi, i'm z.

For to survive in the mouth of this dragon we call america, we have to learn this first and most vital lesson - that we were never mean to survive. Not as human beings.

- Mother Audre Lorde
" The Transformation of Silence into Language and Ac

Please comment to be added.

hello. may I be added?

hey thats weird i was going to ask if you could add me..but i didn't get around to it.

anyway, added you..add me back?

Hey, Mel. Are your entries Friends Only or Private? Just curious.

i actually dont know the difference. i know they are private. what the difference between friends only and private

(Deleted comment)
cool thanks for reading. . . add me to your flist please

got your message. i'll add you and you can add me. woo and hoo. you have some nice interests. i share many of them.

read ur message and added u, may be added as well?

So i finally figured out who this was! So add me, or else I'll get SWEATY to eat you!

(Deleted comment)
sure. I love your icon

Heyyy...I had you on my list when you were barenakid I just found you again (late...I know)...and I'm just letting you know I added you. Hopefully, you'll reciprocate. NAHMEAN?! (lol).


Thank you for the love in my journal. Add me.

hey i just found your comment in my journal. oddly enough ive never seen it before. can i be added?

sure i will add you. but answer this - when did i comment in ur journal? i remember your name, i just dont remember when i commented. lol.

i am gonna add you..

its been centuries since someone has added me. im always down for a new lj buddy. ~peace

u interested me. may i be added girl?

Your user info spoke to me. I already wanna be your best friend

im lame, trust me. but yeah sure. no problem i'll add you

Join Icey, we would love to have you as a member!

(Deleted comment)

Re: potential friend

thanks :)
sure, I'll add you

I just read your profile and I totally love it. I too am considered to have characteristics of the BP and other Black Nationalist. (At work they call me Lil' Huey and raise the fist when they see me.) Also, I enjoy a variety of music, but I sooooo love rock. People think I'm crazy or "white" for listening to (I'm pretty sure you've experienced this), but as you and I both know the music was originally created by Blacks but stolen (like so many other things) by whites.

Anyway, I saw we had some other things in common and just wanted to say that I was thrilled when I read your profile and discovered that there is other Black Rocker Chicks out there like myself.

Rock On Sistah! \m/

thanks for the love. i added u back :)

I added you. :) Can this be mutual? :)

of course. i didnt want to add you before you said it was okay. :)

(Deleted comment)
Hi. I found you because we both like j*davey, and when I look at your info I see we have some friends in common. So, add me?


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